Monday, August 15, 2011

365 Random things u can do in KL when you are bored

Ramadhan is here, which means that there's limited stuff we can do. I decided to explore the random things in KL. So far,

1) Place: ICity Shah Alam
Amount $$$ Spent: RM 1 for the parking. LOL

Visited Icity Shah Alam, which i don't recommend because, its dead boring.
Pretty LED lights. but that was really it.
2) Place: Somewhere on they way to Gombak
Amount $$$ Spent: RM 8 for the Kite, RM 12 for longer string.
Fly Kite. haha. That was fun. You can choose an kite u like, there's different sizes too!  
(this is my awesome kite)

So 365 Random things to do KL countdown? As Barney Stinson Says, "Challenge Accepted!".

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