Friday, July 25, 2008

i'd really want to,

come kick it with you,

Above: Disney couture Alice in Wonderland ( i love the black one) and I love billy Black and White British "oxford" Flats. I dont usually post things here, but i reallyyyyyyyy love this shoe and i have been looking for it since early june in stores and online. They sold out in size 37 everywhere. If anyone found it, do tell me. Hihi

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

..sad and depressed

i wouldnt know what i would do if he leaves me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

reality sucks

okay im back.

tapi have to go back to work on monday. and to class on tuesday. i can see myself being all stress up in the next coming months. Nervous, that is what i feel. Nevertheless, i am at the same time excited about graduating. One thing i will be proud of myself.

On a random note. I love Zooey Deschanel

Saturday, July 12, 2008

ok i dont usually do this.but.

i miss melbourne
i miss idzfan
i miss mika
i miss jeffcott st
i miss 538 swanston st
i miss the freedom

i know i have only been 5 days back, cant wait to balik no.

o did i mention, i miss idzfan?

my heart is just not feeling peaceful now.

izrin wedding was the most beautiful wedding i have ever attend in my whole life. i actually had tears in my eyes watching their videos. it was beaaaautiful. sooo so sweet. rasa mcm nak kahwin je for the sake of the party.
it was in la meridien, and the setting was just like, breath taking. she was looking so gorgeous. haih have never been to such a beautiful wedding. Congrats Izrin and Marcus, u guys are perfect for each other.

Yet another loser night for me. I should start hiding in my pink room now. Being invisible is kindda fun sometimes.

Thanks aput for following me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

why i am not proud to be a malaysian

1. The drivers are f*ckheads.
First of all, they dont know how to use the signals. hey really, kalau tanak guna signal sila la beli kereta lama zaman tok kadok takda signal, beli kereta mahal2 signal tu untuk hiasan ke. Zebra crossing? here in malaysia zebra crossings are for kereta to lalu first, not pedestrians? shit who thought u ppl this thing? ............why do they have to speed up when someone gives a signal to change lane? omg...takde road ethics sial org malaysia. ooh on 2 lanes...kau igt kerajaan buat jalan utk kau sorang ke? and PLEASE DONT LET ME GET STARTED ON HOW RIDICULOUSLY UNSAFE THEY ARE. bawak motor, anak kat belakang, pusing illegal u turn dekat busy road and also the wrong way.WTF ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING? i stress drive kat sini.

2. Just Simple Effing Rude.
Customer service is shit in all stores. No greeting. Muka macam tanak jual. or perhaps they assume you cant afford. And what is up with stalking the customers. ya allah annoying dow kalau u tgh jalan jalan dlm kedai dia ikut everywhere.
And do u realize, if someone accidently knocks your shoulder or anywhere else, they wont even have the courtesy to say "sorry"?.....
Oh can u people stop staring at other ppl??? This is a common example la, hartamas, you step je, habis all eyes on you. haihh kenapa kita sibuk betul.

3. The shops here mostly sucks! (haha this is not a really big issue dow).
I have to say i enjoy shopping at bangsar although i know most of the stuff i can get in Bangkok for half the price, but heck i cant be bothered to go all the way there. But ever since this new indie, vintage thing became a big hit (fyi i myself love this sort of things), some certain kedai beli barang dari Gary's Bundle in Shah Alam and sell it in their store and blardy muck up gilaaaa. f@%^$&%^(&^ing shit i dont know why i feel so against that even though its not like its illegal or something. But i feel annoyed. Vintage should not be too expensive unless they are like collective items or you modified them to become a better piece. Its good to see that fashion is growing in KL, but i personally hate it when something became too common and commercialize.

4. We just complain.
Complain complain complain. ni tak cukup. tu tak cukup. ni tak kena tu tak kena..SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP....haha how bizarre... i myself am complaining now. I guess im a true malaysian la kan.

lykke li

im good, im gone.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

fcking work place

it was such a bad day.......

the asshole owner called the store to ask what were up to ......and tak pasal pasal i kena marah...long story malas nak type...tapi nak lepas gerammmmmmmm..............