Thursday, October 30, 2008


I cant believe its almost done!!!! Finally something that will make me happy! yay for me ! yay for the swanston ppl and yay my lil sis for helping me. I swear i terhutang budi gila. yay yay yay.

Tommorow, im going for a massage after the photoshoot. My arms are aching from making the furniture. My fingers are numb and bloody hihi. And i dont need any work out for the whole week. Maybe i should quit my futsal team and become a professional furniture maker as my exercise. Im better at this anyway.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ko ko

ko kokokokokokokokoko

i love koko!!!!!

i love eduador (i think thats how u spell it)!

but i love madam foster the best!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

hi! i am


If you know me close enough, you would see what I am talking about.

Right now, i feel left out and upset with some people. I hate this feeling, go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I know this feeling is just me being all too sensitive. But yea, maybe i dont matter? maybe now im just a stranger. Who knows. I feel like i need some changes, place and people? The only thing that is making me hold on to what i am holding on is idzfan.

On the brighter side, i am graduating soon, so that is in fact a big change. But whats next?
Oh amy please snap out of it. I think im just looking for a reason to create a drama because seriously, my life is so boring right now. I need something exciting to boost up me confidence now.

Oh, Reza puts mika's name in his movie credit. Ya allah cute gilaaaaaaaaaaaa.... "Thanks Uncle Buddy".

it's really funny

Ive been staying at Swanston Street for the past 1 week, as i needed more space to assemble my furniture. We've been getting people buzzing the apartment, but no one actually comes in to the house.

So aside from my major project, i have another project to accomplish. Yes, investigating who is that blardy culprit. Okay, so this one night, a person buzzed the house, and Idzfan checked, it was this girl with shorthair walking out of the lift (The lift is right infront of the apartment door). The next day, another unknown buzz, this time i waited infront of the door, it was also a girl with shorthair, but this time i notice she's chinese. I actually asked her if she buzzed the apartment, obviously she said no. haha. Silly of me to think that she will admit it. Yesterday, another suspicious buzz, this time is a thin chinese boy with eye brow pierced (i suspect they are from the same apartment) came out of the lift. Just half an hour ago, there was a buzz again, and i know for a fact that we were not expecting anyone to come to the house. I waited infront of the door, and guess who i saw? YES THATS RIGHT. ITS THAT FREAKING CHINESE GIRL. Ya Allah Kantoi besar la kan. hahaha i scream, "GILA KANTOI!!!" out loud, ahahaha, i think she heard me. I have a feeling she's Malaysian, coz if im not wrong, that guy with the piercing is a Malaysian too. GOD I GERAM GILA.

Dah lah kantoi buzz rumah orang, jeling pulak kat I sbb i tunggu depan pintu. Ahahaha actually, we wanna make a deal with these people, thats all. Since we only have one key card, we want to make a deal that we can buzz their apartment too. But, i am just waiting for the right time to ask these people.

I guess its quite entertaining for me coz i swear right now i need something to cool me down from being all stressed up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

macam penat

seriously penat.

I dont know, a lot of things been happening in a week. I have only a week to finish uni. Hopefully i wont breakdown.

everyone, please stop smoking. i freaking dont want to inhale u freaking smoke!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

finally something

Facebook finally removed the fake Aimi binti Razak. Thank god. It's quite dangerous how people are using other people's identity. :(.

anyway, updates on my work. I made the kid's chair. Not filled with foam, due to cutting some budget.

Okay that's all i really have. bye bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

is this all a bad dream?

I never thought for someone i just knew through my sister, it could hit me so much. Cant imagine how her family and her close friends are doing.

Dear Sara, i know its too late, but thanks to you, you have changed my perspective in life. Tuhan sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik mu, Maisara.

I used to see you and my little aput working so hard at my Jeffcott home doing your foundation thingy. That time u were still staying at Arrow heights. Aput will bring you back home and the only friend i could remember that aput have was only you. I remembered you as "kawan aput yang lawa tu". Although we did not actually hung out just the two of us, i am already used to the fact that u are apart of my life as my little sister's friend. We had a little silly misunderstanding, and i hope you know how silly it was that you will forgive us. We had some outings memories, and i hope you have enjoyed those moments with us. Ill always joke around with my friends saying that kawan kawan aput so small, name pun nak comel comel- aput, nana, didi, sara. Ya allah, that was not long ago.

I am sorry if im being dramatic in this blog, but all im saying, we should all cherish every moment with every one we know.

Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to get to know one of your special creation, Maisara Aziz. I just wish you didnt take her so soon.

For some of us, we should realize how lucky we are to be bless with such great health. I think ive been taking for granted that everything is okay. This tragedy is such and eye opener to all of us.

May you rest in peace my little friend.

Monday, October 20, 2008

little sara aziz

The strongest person i know. Till we meet again little one.

Thanks to everyone who came for the small unprepared tahlil yesterday. Insyallah with our prayers, it will make a different to her soul.

P/s i stole the image from facebook.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This person is using my identity! please do not accept as your friend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i need a break

i just resubmit my work just now...plearghhhhhhhhhh what a relieve!!!!!

So now i can focus on my major project.

Shura and i were just talking how we have abandoned our blog got tikus and lipas already.

At this point, i just feel like doing nothing and become a stalker and facebook.

aihhh ive been playing Lykke Li album again n again....i love herrrr laaaaaa...shes got a concert on the 4th of jan in melbourne, i might stay a little bit longer with my sis to watch her....yay yay.

ok la bye