Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fringe or no fringe

I had my hair bun and braided to a wedding last july and i paid around 80 ringgit for it. It got me thinking, why cant i do it myself?

The whole semester ive been making braids and knots, i swear ive picked up some skills from making sooooooooo many of the mock ups.

So last week i tried to make a strand of braid all around my head...hey! not bad for a first timer i must say (mind the perasanessss).

Im getting obsess with it now that im confused to have my fringe again...

Okay lah post ni takde la menarik but so what im bored.

HAPPY RAMADHAN PEOPLE, its gonna be a longgggg month. Time to loose weight.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

spring cup

We got last ..yeap number 6 out of 6. hihi but amazingly i never had this much fun before. Not in a long time at least.

You know when u feel down and your not sure why? August is really not my month. The exact time last year, i remember i was very depressed and i have never been stressed like that in my life. Why?

1) It was my first time studying while working as a part timer in Valley Girl Melbourne Central and fyi, that was the worst experience in my life (but i gotta say it made me stronger). If you know me well, you will know how much i hated working there and how dreadful it was to have a day working in the store. So many characters, so many clothes and different types of smells!!

2)Uni work- i had to make a furniture in, 3 weeks? wth?

3)My family came down to melbourne- i was really bumped that i couldnt spent time with my family because of the two things above. Obviously i felt like crap.

So this year resolution was not to be too stress over little things so quickly. Idzfan reminded me that i always get upset too easily. Perhaps its true, but i guess i am a sensitive/emotional person.

Current aim right now.

To excel in my studies and graduate on time and get my PR.

ookkayy off topic.

How i love a pair of

Converse Little Red Riding Hood.

I saw them in the catalog early this year but been contemplating bout buying them. I dont really wear sneakers but i cant resist the cute red riding hood graphics. And ive always felt that high cut converse looks like "remps" but somehow i have changed my mind about that. I constantly change my mind about everything lah.

Okay body tengah aching. I have to face the fact that im getting old.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spinning Man Optical Illusion Remember the spinning girl illusion? Well this one is even better.

Jijo and i duduk berborak

If we were cats!

Monday, August 18, 2008

clockwise or anti-clockwise?

click click click and this will drive u insane..

make sure u focus on it! i will change direction if u want to...

ijaz drove us crazy with this

..and this is cool too

The Human Mirror 15 pairs of twins create a human mirror on a New York subway car.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

u likee????

Call 1800-08-08 for some kitty times!


HAHAH jij ...gypsyyyy is such a babe!

wizard of oz

last semester i was researching on fairy tale and folklore as my theme for my design. So i ended up downloading all the classic movies such as little mermaid, aladdin, alice in wonderland and of course wizard of oz. Wizard of oz was produced in 1939 and honestly im just amazed. The movie so good, even up til now, i still love watching it. So much imagination.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

brown leather shoes

I particularly loveeeeeeeee this oneeeeeeeeeee below..............

haihhh cinta cintaaaaaaaaa.... tolong lah if anyone see a pair similar design to this please tell me.

Office is selling them for £50.00 (and thats without postage).

Friday, August 15, 2008

happy birthday,

roza and kaiyisah!

Yesterday was the launching of Malaysian's Film Festival in Melbourne and it was held in Federation Square. It was also launching for iNNai batik and a few of us had the opportunity to show off some of the iNNai design. Thanks izrin:).. Above: im wearing one of iNNai's dress. will put more picture once aput upload the pics.

click here here here for more iNNai's collection.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


ARE U REALLY 12 YEARS OLD?(click click click for more little cute tavi)

Well done kid, you are now my fashion icon.

by the way,

LOVE at first sight.

Mimco's Chameleon Hip Bag.
Tax Return, here i come!
malas malas malas malas malas.

malas nak buat kerja!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scottish Shorthair

Pet Road Tests > Cats


Scottish Shorthair Temperament:

adorable, very quiet, affectionate Cost:

$500 (vaccinated and micro-chipped) Lifespan:

average 15 years Maintenance:

low Recommended for:

families, singles, apartments

BREED: Scottish Shorthair cat

COSTS: $500 (desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped)

GROOMING: Double coat needs a brush once weekly.

CHILD COMPATIBILITY: Very good with children.

TEMPERAMENT: Placid and affectionate.

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Not an active breed. Quiet.

AVAILABILITY: Not many breeders. Waiting lists may apply.

TRAINABILITY: Can be taught to walk on a lead.

DUMPAGE RATE: Not reported.

AGGRESSION: A passive breed.

HEALTH & LIFESPAN: Healthy and robust. Up to 15 years.

NOISE: A very quiet breed.

INDOORS POTENTIAL Ideally suited indoors.

IDEAL FOR: Apartments. Elderly.

POPULARITY: Not a well known breed.

TURN-ONS: Happy indoors. Quiet.

TURN-OFFS: Not as interesting as the Scottish Fold. (SO NOT TRUE!!!hihi)

INTERESTING FACTS: Closely related to the Scottish fold.

The Scottish Shorthair is the straight or ‘pert’ eared progeny of the Scottish Fold cat, a breed so named because its ears are folded over. Confused? How does this work? The folded ears were the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation in a single kitten born amongst a litter of pert-eared kittens. A deliberate breeding program ensued, and resulted in the Scottish Fold breed. However the nature of the mutation is such that cats with folded ears cannot be mated together without risk of other related deformities in the progeny. So, a fold cat is mated with a straight-eared cat, and because it is a recessive gene responsible for the mutation, about half of the litter will have folded ears and the remainder will have straight ears. Hence, the Scottish Shorthair. Apart from the ears, the cats are for all intents and purposes identical. So if you don’t fancy a puss with folded ears, but love the temperament, go for a Scottish Shorthair.

In 2002 the Scottish Shorthair became a fully recognised breed in Australia.

Not an overly large nor petite cat, the Scottish Shorthair has an evenly balanced and ‘rounded’ frame. The head is also a round shape, with a short neck and prominent cheeks with a jowly appearance in males. Eyes are large and correspond with the coat colour, which is many and varied.

Much like the British Shorthair, the coat is dense, plush, medium-short and soft in texture.

Not an active cat, the Scottish Shorthair’s calm, placid nature makes it ideally suited for life indoors. A good apartment breed, the Scottish Shorthair isn’t demanding or overly vocal.

Health and lifespan
To date, there are no particular breeding concerns and the Scottish Shorthair has an expected lifespan of 10-15 years.

Maintenance and cost
The double coat should be brushed weekly. But if you allow about 15 minutes per week for grooming, there is little else required. A vaccinated, micro chipped and desexed cat will cost around $500.00

Recommended for
If you're interested in a Scottish Shorthair, you may have to be patient. There are not many kittens to each litter, and not too many breeders. Its loving disposition and quiet nature makes the Scottish Fold a great companion for families, elderly and those in apartments.

Monday, August 11, 2008


You need an inspiration.

"Boa" by Campana Brothers

Its a giant knot that turns into a sofa. Very similar to what im working with.


They really got to me.

I love melissa shoes. But its painful to wear them. The melissa shoes by Vivienne Westwood is amazing. You can find them in FAT. But im too paranoid to buy another melissa shoes as the ones i have, like i said before, very painful to wear. When it comes to shoes, i try to put comfort first..or so i like to think that i do.

Lucky number

Stole this from Natalie Rose my love.
GIT "geng ikat tali". haha zul is being silly.


i stole this from shura. Thank you.

Brought him to nora and rez's place and he made a new friend, ollie. Im collecting friends for mika fyi.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


by my tummy pain that comes and go.
and the itcheness i get when in cold to hot weather. (yess i did mandi).

I am amazed that there are severals malaysian online shopping sites.

They are not entirely good sites though. Some are just tacky and a little bit too common. I haven't seen all the sites yet, there are just way too many of them. Have a look and tell me which has the best selection.

It's been a long yet amazing weekend.
Yesterday went to that saturday in design thing since 10am and met lots of amazing inspiring people who are involve with design in Australia. Unfortunately i did not cover much as we got lost in between some stops. Furniture lovers, please check out .

Today Rmit had an open day and i have decided to volunteer (more like accidentally volunteered) to come in to talk to some interested future students about the course. I was late and yes i didnt talk much to them. It was more like talking to my uni mates session. But yet again, i had the opportunity to meet new people with different professions.

I feel like a nerd these days. But i figured, im leaving uni soon, i might as well make the best out of my possible few months as a student. Im not sure im continuing a post-grad program after this.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sometimes i think im unfortunate.

Or Unlucky. Or unhappy.

Sometimes i feel that is the end of the world when things does not got what i have planned.

Sometime i will be surprise with how things can entirely change in a short period of time.

But most of the time i know, alhamdullilah. I am blessed...

Friday, August 8, 2008

saturday in design

you know one of the things that i hate most?

the sound of alarm clock.
and who's alarm i hate most?


Its a siren sound, the whole wide world can hear it..i can hear his alarm from on end of a living room to another.... and that is why i am up so early.PLUS. im joining a design thing going on today. so today, i forgive idzfan's alarm.

Beijing Olympic Officially started. My favourite part of the opening was when the guy ran on air to light up the huge torch. Absolutely speechless. And the stadium-amazing.

miijo jijo

hihi...i was looking at my money transaction in my account, and i wrote there miijo jijo ..hihi it rhymes ! ok i dont why that is amusing to me.

hope you enjoy ur bracelet from us jij!

i went through quite a great deal to get that. uses australian air express so it should only be next day sort of thing. I missed the guy the first day. And the 2nd day. haihhh then i called them up and told them to send it to my work place. The guy said i will receive it on Friday or Monday. I waited and waited and waited no delivery man. So i was told to pick it up......all the way in Tullarmarine! hahah

LUCKILY, it was a nice drive.

The weird thing is, on the same day i picked the consignment up, i received the shoes my sister, nana and i ordered from We again missed the deliveryman, therefore we had to pick it up. But pick up post office belakang rumah je. Haih, barang from international hantar balik belakang rumah, barang local kena pick up kat tullamarine...

Look what we got from Gojane.

Orginal Price $14.95 USD
Bought them for $9.99 usd
Paid $AU 25

Cheap gila. Plus they are quite comfy.


Aput's. I cant wear them coz they are way too tall for me.

All and all we spent about $USD86 plus postage.

hihi. this is another cheap advertisement for

I advice u to buy with your friends coz you can save up on the postage.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


how can such a hot talented singer be such a HORRIBLE actor??

I just got the chance to watch LOVE GURU last night. As expected, Justin was just as shit as he was in other movies that he played in.

I nak muntah tengok dia belakon please.

Other singers who i think cant act for shizzz are:
Britney Spears.
Mariah Carey.
Beyonce (except in dreamgirls, which i thought she really improved).

Seriously stick to singing, its what you do best.

hihi. Im just disappointed coz i love Justin music, but i hate all his movies.

Actor who cant sing?


there are more but i cant think of now.
Hillary Duff- i dont even know how people (besides young children) can even think of buying her album.

I am not the type yang malu nak admit, i do love pop music. Although britney cant really sing, at least her songs are mostly catchy and she can dance very well. But come on, Hillary and lindsay and don't let me get started on Paris? haihhhhhhhhhhh, i dont know what to say.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hi mama!!

for my graduation present i would love a..


Scooter Press: Limited Edition Vespa LX 50 Crazy Stripe by Gap

Take Off in Color With Gap and Vespa This Holiday Season. Gap and Vespa Team Up to Introduce the 2007 Limited Edition Vespa LX 50 in a Custom 'Crazy Stripe' Design by Gap.

or any old school vespa will do. Save money on petrol and easy for me to park if i wanna go to school. YES IM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. i mean why not?


A lion would do. i want a cub !!! i want a huge lion so that i can hug!! hihi

After watching CHRISTIAN the LION on you tube, i fell deeply in love.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

lucky b*itch

When the 3:30 p.m. dismissal bell rings at the Anglo-American School in Moscow, Kira Plastinina isn't on her way to swim practice or to hang out with friends. She's headed to the office. Unlike most girls her age, Kira spends her free time taking care of business. As the chief designer of her namesake clothing line, she approves sketches, chooses fabrics, and tweaks designs until the wee hours of the morning. Kira first embarked on the road to success when her father, Sergei Plastinin, noticed her sketching one day at the kitchen table. Impressed by her designs, Sergei proposed the idea of producing and selling them to the public. "I thought he was joking!" Kira recalls. Fast-forward two years, and she is the talk of the town in her homeland. The teen tycoon has opened over 30 retail stores in Russia, with 16 more to be unveiled Stateside this year. Judging by her collection—an affordable mix of funky, sequin-lined hoodies and flirty, bright-hued dresses—Kira is here to stay. Look out, Seventh Avenue, the Russian is coming! —LAUREN MCGRATH


Friday, August 1, 2008


Karen walker has got nice plain ruffle tops and dresses. i love the vintagy look.
southern hemisphere spring/summer 2008

southern hemisphere autumn/winter 2008

and some random google pics


Similar dress as above is available in the store im working now, Lili for $49.95. You can also find them in Sunny Girl. hihi cheap advertisement for the store.