Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something from 2008

I was googling a class mate's name from my degree (wasnt stalking this person fyi), and i stumbled upon our Industrial design Parting Line Exhibition's booklet we made, and it was held at Guilford Lane, Melbourne. Was really excited to find this on google for some reason. How i really miss uni life and design school.

Click here for the full booklet.

I really wanna develope more on the furniture (ie getting the right knit, the right size and the right weight), but had no time before this as i was completing my masters and too busy traveling after that. Target for 2012, develope the Turkhed chair. noted.

Another amazing structure

Was looking through Frame website, came across this article on the new structure made in King's Cross Station in London, due to open by Olympic 2012. Absolutely amazing.

I like how the structure sort of contrast with the old brick building, giving the environment a complete new feeling. And i guess i have a soft spot for anything white structure/architecture/interior. The engineer i assume probably had a crazy time figuring this out.

For full article click here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Sorry for the vain pot picture, but i like to show a picture of the kaftan i bought from mimpikita. I bought on sale, totally worth it :)
Stay safe everyone !!

10 things i would not....

A couple of weeks ago, i spent some time browsing through a book to teach me how to illustrate design in fashion. I somehow stumbled upon a book, which I unfortunately don't remember the title and the author of the book, but it was about 50 fads in fashion. I agreed with 80% of what was listed, u know the usual, muffin tops, showing thongs, bla bla bla. But he listed down red lipsticks and black-top-to-toe as fashion taboo too, haha that i don't agree. I decided to list down my top 10 most forbidden things in fashion/ one's appearance.. Now bare in mind, im no fashion expert or what u call a "fashionista", they're just things i would not wear/ do/ grow,  u might think likewise, so no disrespect to anyone :).

1) Extra long nails with nail art.
It is a little bit trashy to me.

2. Asian with Full head blonde.
Especially if it is platinum blonde. I guess highlights can be nice, but if u have full blonde hair on asian features, its a bit too k pop looking for me.

3) Prints on Satin
If i have to choose one kind of fabric that i hate, i have to say satins, especially with prints on them. To me, satin looks cheap, its meant to be used for lining only. Very rare that a satin dress turns out nice. Satins might work if they are plain and mixed with chiffon or silk. 

This Yellow dress is by Alexander McQueen, which i find really rare to hate.

i did however found a nice printed satin dress by Christopher Kane. I guess its just coz i have a soft spot for Galactic/ Nebular Prints. I guess it goes to say that if u wanna use satin, u gotta have the right print.

4) Fishnet Stockings
I just don't like them, sorry.

5) Metallic Stretch 
The Fabric is meant for
i) Gymnastics costumes
ii) Halloween costumes
iii) People Born in outer space ( or u work in Star Trek's ship )
iv) if u are Marilyn Monroe.

6) Tuxedo Ruffles
I don't know why, but i really, really hate them. But i guess its not the case for all tops with tuxedo ruffles, but majority are just, hmm wrong. Maybe those mini ruffles reminds me of caterpillars for some reason!
7) Intentional Butt Cracks.
This is probably is a common fad, but yes they are simply unacceptable. But i have to admit, i had them unintentionally. haha

Unless u have this girl's ass, u r forgiven. LOL.

8) Coloured Wig
They are fun, yes, but please don't take them seriously.

Only Katy Perry gets a pass for this.

9) Too tight clothes.
All i can say is just don't be ashamed of your own size, be ashamed when your belly is showing.

10) Furry Boots.
Need i say more?

I have loads more in my head, but i cant be bothered to list them all. Hope u enjoyed my list. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just playing around with my ipad's photoshop express. Didn't know we can do a lot of things with the application. Ipad has crappy camera, very pixelated and blurry. What i really need right now is a good camera, because as u can see i have been relying on my blackberry and ipad cameras, which clearly, are not that reliable.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspiring Retail Design

24 Issey Miyake Hakata
by Moment (Hisaaki Hirawata & Tomohiro Watabe)

 Pictures and article from : 

The 79-sq-m space is a ‘convenience store’ that sells a variety of Issey Miyake merchandise using a unique display system. Products are wrapped in transparent spheres, scattered throughout the shop. This not only reduces the need for hidden storage space, but also uses product colours to attract customers. 

‘The hanger rails and display cases are not essential for the store, but the packaging holds a key to the success of the store design because each item’s package colors build the store,’ explain Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beautiful Beddings by UO

Since the US currency dropped, i started looking at the Urban Outfitter's site, particularly on their Apartment section. I love the stuff they have in there, but unfortunately most of them are not shipped to Malaysia. However, i have a thing for vintage bedding designs, and thinking of getting one of these (and yes they ship internationally!). Which one do u reckon would be the best?

I personally love the raw white timber flooring, wish i had that kinda of flooring in my room... . These beddings are pretty aren't they? The bottom left (floral paisley print ) is currently my first choice. I also like the second one on the top. haha so difficult to decide.

If anyone knows another website that i can buy pretty beddings like these, please let me know, that would be nice thank u.

Today my quest to complete 365 things to do in Kuala Lumpur is on a break. I will be back with more interesting (well, at least to me) random activities to do in KL. For now, im off to bed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I found the website i made for my e-commerce course during my masters. might play with html more so that i can make a new layout for the blog. Pretty basic site as i only made this within 2 weeks , so much more improvements i can make. This was made in NVU, a html editor for MAC. I really miss making graphics for fun. The website features my resume, some e-commerce information, and in "website" link is my groupmate and i business online website on jewellery. Click on the image below and it will direct you to my site.

365 random things to do in Kuala Lumpur: No. 4, Petaling Street.

Place: Petaling Street, off Jalan H S LEE
Amount $$$ Spent: RM 18 for a bouquet of flowers.

Ok this is not a new place to introduce to people as Petaling Street is such a tourists-y place, so well known for their counterfeits. From Gucci, to Chanel to Cath Kidston, u name it. But i went to Petaling Street for one reason, to get some fresh flowers. Unfortunately, all the good flowers were gone (haha i should have known better, no one goes flower-buying late at night). But all in all, its a nice place to have a stroll around the market. Just be aware of ur wallets though :).

Monday, August 22, 2011

365 Random things to do in KL: No. 3, Chow kit Market

Place: Chow Kit Market
Amount $$$ Spent: RM 40 for a Modern Kaftan Top
And after walking the whole stretch of the market, i found myself something pretty, cost me RM 40. Who says u need to spend so much money to get beautiful things? Perhaps the beading is not as good, but i was still happy with the purchase.