Monday, August 29, 2011

10 things i would not....

A couple of weeks ago, i spent some time browsing through a book to teach me how to illustrate design in fashion. I somehow stumbled upon a book, which I unfortunately don't remember the title and the author of the book, but it was about 50 fads in fashion. I agreed with 80% of what was listed, u know the usual, muffin tops, showing thongs, bla bla bla. But he listed down red lipsticks and black-top-to-toe as fashion taboo too, haha that i don't agree. I decided to list down my top 10 most forbidden things in fashion/ one's appearance.. Now bare in mind, im no fashion expert or what u call a "fashionista", they're just things i would not wear/ do/ grow,  u might think likewise, so no disrespect to anyone :).

1) Extra long nails with nail art.
It is a little bit trashy to me.

2. Asian with Full head blonde.
Especially if it is platinum blonde. I guess highlights can be nice, but if u have full blonde hair on asian features, its a bit too k pop looking for me.

3) Prints on Satin
If i have to choose one kind of fabric that i hate, i have to say satins, especially with prints on them. To me, satin looks cheap, its meant to be used for lining only. Very rare that a satin dress turns out nice. Satins might work if they are plain and mixed with chiffon or silk. 

This Yellow dress is by Alexander McQueen, which i find really rare to hate.

i did however found a nice printed satin dress by Christopher Kane. I guess its just coz i have a soft spot for Galactic/ Nebular Prints. I guess it goes to say that if u wanna use satin, u gotta have the right print.

4) Fishnet Stockings
I just don't like them, sorry.

5) Metallic Stretch 
The Fabric is meant for
i) Gymnastics costumes
ii) Halloween costumes
iii) People Born in outer space ( or u work in Star Trek's ship )
iv) if u are Marilyn Monroe.

6) Tuxedo Ruffles
I don't know why, but i really, really hate them. But i guess its not the case for all tops with tuxedo ruffles, but majority are just, hmm wrong. Maybe those mini ruffles reminds me of caterpillars for some reason!
7) Intentional Butt Cracks.
This is probably is a common fad, but yes they are simply unacceptable. But i have to admit, i had them unintentionally. haha

Unless u have this girl's ass, u r forgiven. LOL.

8) Coloured Wig
They are fun, yes, but please don't take them seriously.

Only Katy Perry gets a pass for this.

9) Too tight clothes.
All i can say is just don't be ashamed of your own size, be ashamed when your belly is showing.

10) Furry Boots.
Need i say more?

I have loads more in my head, but i cant be bothered to list them all. Hope u enjoyed my list. 


Kim L. said...
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Kim L. said...

Haha!! I enjoyed reading this post aims! But I used to have bleached blonde hair!! :( omg.. so embarrassing.

I agree with satin, I think it's only meant for the bedroom but if made properly or is somehow structured-I think that
s fine. Also those long scary nails.... I get scared when I see them o_o