Friday, February 29, 2008


A 'mini zoo' in house
Police and Department of Wildlife and National Parks officers removing  one of Zaiton Arshat’s tigers from his home on Thursday
Police and Department of Wildlife and National Parks officers removing one of Zaiton Arshat’s tigers from his home on Thursday

SUNGAI PETANI: A team of policemen who raided a house searching for a robber got a shock when they discovered a pair of tigers, a crocodile and two monkeys on the premises.

Zaiton Arshat, 56, who is being sought in connection with the RM3.19 million cash-in-transit heist in Gurun on Feb 5, was not at home although his wildlife collection was.

In the 7.45pm incident on Thursday night, police were forced to force open the front gate of Zaiton's house after his eldest son refused entry to the raiding party.

The tigers were discovered inside a cage installed in one of the rooms in the house.

There were also two monkeys and the crocodile was found in a pond outside the house.
Department of Wildlife and National Parks officers later fired tranquilliser shots at the tigers before loading them onto trucks.

The animals were then taken to the Malacca Zoo.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy (music video)

im addicted

so much to ask for.

u know how people register their wedding presents? haha i wish i could do that. Only that i want to register my birthday present instead..hahaha

1. a black cheap monday denim $90
2. mimcobag $399 skye gold black bracelet $300 ( i think)
3.a cat just like gypsy $???

but actually i only need that black cheap monday skinny coz my black skinny ripped. that's all. yang lain tu mengada je.

haihh i need to get my job back to afford all that now.

no no nah

yesterday night,

spotted: asad's place
attendances: asad, roza, amy, idzfan, ili and hafiz
event: dinner

Asad is damn good cook. what is happening to the world? now lelaki yang pandai masak. i will admit i am hopeless in the kitchen.
roasted ayam sekor (funny name but its damn delicious), garlic prawns, vege, fish.. all that i can't cook.

anyway today ,

spotted: suzuki night market
attendance: aimi, ira, reza, zul, jijo, aiza, alia, arif, shunit, shura s, nini, iqbal, ira roslan, elena, farah, zarif.

our street fashion

im so damn short its not funny.. hey zul we got matching shoes..

"ohh and look! my favourite martian invation!"

i swear she is so comel.

go0dbye gypsy, aunty loves u.

0h yea uncle too.hihi

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the victim of factory girl

eddie sedgwick

I've late been very interested about her. Its ashame what happened to her though. She reminds me of twiggy a little bit. I love her style; messed up looking chic with chandelier pair of earing, super dark mascara and blonde with dark based hair inspired by Andy Warhol. Very inspiring.

i love emilio pucci

playful. bold colors. true french genius.
maybe i should study textile design next? aihhh geram gile tgk their designs

Monday, February 25, 2008

what is up?


new craze;

we're loving the wayfarers.

we should get paid for this!

i wish for;

piano by tatty devine.

loves this picture.
drummer: azri vox: amy guitar: reza bassist: arif
hahaha ok ok im just talking crap

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Okay I have decided to move here..let see how long i'll last this time given the fact that i usually dont bother updating my blog.

Ive been on my holiday, i have to admit lately i've been
stalking people through their blogs. It got me thinking, y not write one?

It was such fun day today. Since i came back from kl, not once have i ever woken up before 1pm. Teruk gila. 3 hours kl-melbourne time difference affected me like hell! i slept at 6am almost every day macam mana nak bangun awal kan? So i am proud to say that i woke up at 8 am to go to the Camberwell market with the beautiful Centro girls. Anything for a good bargain 'ay? Sanggup bangun awal. Seriously i love that market! Thank god i dont mind using 2nd hand stuffs, the older it is, in fact, the better it looks.

They didnt have a mirror so the lady had to take a picture. it does not fit me that well, but heck, $5?im sucker for these dresses.

Can u imagine a $5 vintage dress, where else in sports girl is selling the vintage dressed for $169 bucks? ok la not as good quality as what they have in the store, but i find it quite ridiculous to spend that much for something proly older than me.
Unless its gucci prada or chanel (which will be something i cant ever afford unless i marry prince brunei), maybe that is worth buying, kot. god knows.

But im glad we went there. not so much for the shopping, but just for a good Sunday outing. For you Camberwell Market lovers, please help them save the market by sending a petition to the melbourne council. I am begging u because, i like to procrastinate and end up not writing to them. SAVE THE CAMBERWELL MARKET YAWL!

we have decided on something random. a trip to sydney on the 23rd-26th march . was unbelievable how cheap the ticket was. 98bucks return. uhuh. i swear.

Thanks girls for a great day. xoxo. gossip girl.