Tuesday, August 23, 2011

365 random things to do in Kuala Lumpur: No. 4, Petaling Street.

Place: Petaling Street, off Jalan H S LEE
Amount $$$ Spent: RM 18 for a bouquet of flowers.

Ok this is not a new place to introduce to people as Petaling Street is such a tourists-y place, so well known for their counterfeits. From Gucci, to Chanel to Cath Kidston, u name it. But i went to Petaling Street for one reason, to get some fresh flowers. Unfortunately, all the good flowers were gone (haha i should have known better, no one goes flower-buying late at night). But all in all, its a nice place to have a stroll around the market. Just be aware of ur wallets though :).


Kimmy said...

I like your 365 random things to do in KL series! :)

aimi razak said...

now i really need to get a good camera coz im just relying on my blackberry! haha Thanks kimmy!