Wednesday, October 22, 2008

is this all a bad dream?

I never thought for someone i just knew through my sister, it could hit me so much. Cant imagine how her family and her close friends are doing.

Dear Sara, i know its too late, but thanks to you, you have changed my perspective in life. Tuhan sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik mu, Maisara.

I used to see you and my little aput working so hard at my Jeffcott home doing your foundation thingy. That time u were still staying at Arrow heights. Aput will bring you back home and the only friend i could remember that aput have was only you. I remembered you as "kawan aput yang lawa tu". Although we did not actually hung out just the two of us, i am already used to the fact that u are apart of my life as my little sister's friend. We had a little silly misunderstanding, and i hope you know how silly it was that you will forgive us. We had some outings memories, and i hope you have enjoyed those moments with us. Ill always joke around with my friends saying that kawan kawan aput so small, name pun nak comel comel- aput, nana, didi, sara. Ya allah, that was not long ago.

I am sorry if im being dramatic in this blog, but all im saying, we should all cherish every moment with every one we know.

Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to get to know one of your special creation, Maisara Aziz. I just wish you didnt take her so soon.

For some of us, we should realize how lucky we are to be bless with such great health. I think ive been taking for granted that everything is okay. This tragedy is such and eye opener to all of us.

May you rest in peace my little friend.

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