Monday, October 27, 2008

it's really funny

Ive been staying at Swanston Street for the past 1 week, as i needed more space to assemble my furniture. We've been getting people buzzing the apartment, but no one actually comes in to the house.

So aside from my major project, i have another project to accomplish. Yes, investigating who is that blardy culprit. Okay, so this one night, a person buzzed the house, and Idzfan checked, it was this girl with shorthair walking out of the lift (The lift is right infront of the apartment door). The next day, another unknown buzz, this time i waited infront of the door, it was also a girl with shorthair, but this time i notice she's chinese. I actually asked her if she buzzed the apartment, obviously she said no. haha. Silly of me to think that she will admit it. Yesterday, another suspicious buzz, this time is a thin chinese boy with eye brow pierced (i suspect they are from the same apartment) came out of the lift. Just half an hour ago, there was a buzz again, and i know for a fact that we were not expecting anyone to come to the house. I waited infront of the door, and guess who i saw? YES THATS RIGHT. ITS THAT FREAKING CHINESE GIRL. Ya Allah Kantoi besar la kan. hahaha i scream, "GILA KANTOI!!!" out loud, ahahaha, i think she heard me. I have a feeling she's Malaysian, coz if im not wrong, that guy with the piercing is a Malaysian too. GOD I GERAM GILA.

Dah lah kantoi buzz rumah orang, jeling pulak kat I sbb i tunggu depan pintu. Ahahaha actually, we wanna make a deal with these people, thats all. Since we only have one key card, we want to make a deal that we can buzz their apartment too. But, i am just waiting for the right time to ask these people.

I guess its quite entertaining for me coz i swear right now i need something to cool me down from being all stressed up.

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