Monday, October 27, 2008

hi! i am


If you know me close enough, you would see what I am talking about.

Right now, i feel left out and upset with some people. I hate this feeling, go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I know this feeling is just me being all too sensitive. But yea, maybe i dont matter? maybe now im just a stranger. Who knows. I feel like i need some changes, place and people? The only thing that is making me hold on to what i am holding on is idzfan.

On the brighter side, i am graduating soon, so that is in fact a big change. But whats next?
Oh amy please snap out of it. I think im just looking for a reason to create a drama because seriously, my life is so boring right now. I need something exciting to boost up me confidence now.

Oh, Reza puts mika's name in his movie credit. Ya allah cute gilaaaaaaaaaaaa.... "Thanks Uncle Buddy".


natalie rose said...

"hi! i am


wow sounds like you're describing me hehehe. nways i'm not sure who you're referring to but my advice would be to not give a shit. because i used to be like that mcm terasa gila if ppl tak ajak or include but why make urself all worked up and angry. there are always other people:)

aimi razak said...

yea naties. i feel ya. wei i nak karaoke lepas my final next monday, ada o K?