Friday, November 21, 2008

i love my food

i eat like a pig now

i love cupcakes
i love famous amos
i love waffle
i love steak
i love chips
i love chicken
i love i love i love foood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not sure whether i should worry about my weight now coz i never felt like i enjoy food as i do now. haha .okie sorry this is a rubbish post. just felt like updating. Why? Because i met lovely Syaz, and she told me that she reads my blog, and so i i got excited and felt like updating. Can u please leave a comment with your blog address. i'd love to read yours too:). and yes darling, if we have time, it'd be fun to take pictures, especially when u are leaving, and god knows when i will see you again:(

Okay adios peeps.


Sas Monroe said...

Hey sweets.

ive just started again after a LOOOOONG hiatus.

Sas Monroe said...

oh btw. i was more of an ELITE girl. hahaha. My favourite was Shasha. but i told people i hated her. hahaha.

Aaa Ooo cara mu dana carkui
Aaa Ooo tak sama tak diragu
AAa OOo tak mungkin aku lagi diperdaya
kini ku tahu siapa kau sebenar!!~