Monday, November 10, 2008

another day

I'm still adjusting to the life of care free...usually, when i wake up, my heart will beat really fast because there's always something to worry about. Will i get my work done on time? What will my tutors say about my work? or Going to my retail job, sometimes it can be quite a drag.
Strangely today when i woke up, i still had the same feeling. But i dont really have anything important to do. Why do i worry all the time? Why do I care all the time. See, i am even worried because i am worrying too much about anything, i will become 'nyanyok' by the time im 50.

Last sunday was pretty awesome, all of us (including my cat mika) went for a picnic at botanical garden. It was really nice, lying on the grass, cat-walking Mika, and makan KFC. I wish we can do it more often. And yesterday, aput and i went for a vintage hunt in Brunswick. Savers was on 50% sale. The place is pretty menggelikan (seriously im not being mean- i had this disgusting pickle on my bag when i put my bag on the floor to try a top ew ew ew), but if you look really hard, you can find a lot of interesting things. Plus they arrange according to the sizes and types of garments. So that sorta helps. I bought a $4 dollar top with a 50% off- yes totaled up to only $2!!!! The top is so-so, but i love bargains!!!

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natalie rose said...

i love savers! yes it can be very eiw and kadang2 berbau but like you said, if you dig deep enough you can find nice things. i bought a vintage leather bag for $4 :)