Sunday, December 7, 2008

trip to the north

its the 7th day of our trip.

from Melbourne to Lake Entrance, then to Goulbourn, Canberra (which fyi i will never ever go again without any important reason to), Sydney, New Castle and currently in Cover Harbour. We're heading to Brisbane and last stop Sunshine Coast. I have to say, there's nothing scenic about this country, only dried forest and dead kangaroos and wombats along the highway. I think i saw about 6 dead kangaroos and 2 wombats. Luckily i haven seen any dead Koala, otherwise i think i might cry. We stopped at a Koala Bear hospital, we met Noddy, the partially blind Koala. I almost adopted one, his name is Tiffy Tiffin, but i couldnt afford it. They are soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

Things i really wanna do when i get back.

1) Continue Kickboxing
2) Continue turkhed project
3) Look for a textile printing place in KL.
4) Attend a pattern making class
5) Try and loose weight.

I wonder if i can achieve any that. I have the feeling that i will ended up spending my time in Bangsar, or Curve. Instead of loosing weight, i will do exactly the opposite thing.

I love this hotel in Coff Harbour, its free wi fi for everybody. yay.

Btw, im not happy with my results, i only received a credit for my Professional Practice, there goes my dream for a first class honest.

On the brighter side, i am officially a graduate. Alhamdullilah.

Alright, till i get internet connection again. Peace out

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Nazneen said...

loose weight? You dh kurus kot Amy?
Btw, have fun on your trip! =)