Tuesday, September 13, 2011

365 things to do in Kuala Lumpur: No. 5, Mollydooker's Plaza Damansara, Damansara Height

Hi everyone, I am back with my 365 KL activities project. Hihi, i am only on my number 5, boy i have a long way to go. The past 2 weeks have been raya activities for me, so nothing much to include in this list. However, I just have to post about this place to give u guys an idea of where you can get good, quality coffee. And of course to give support to this 2-day-old coffee heaven.. Welcome to the new age of Malaysian's Warong Kopi, Mollydooker's.

Place: Mollydooker's, Plaza Damansara opposite Chef & Brew, Damansara Height
Amount $$$ Spent: RM8 (iced latte), RM 5 (Soft Cookie With Chunky Milk Choc Chip).But they have a promotion at the moment, so the bill came down to RM12.

Frankly I am not a coffee person, but in the spirit of "lepaking" in a coffee bar, i gave coffee a chance by trying their iced latte, and i can say that i'd definitely will have the same drink again. And if u are an ex-overseas student, an x-pat, or simply a person who appreciates non-commercial coffees like starbucks and coffee beans, then this is a place to go as they use fresh beans and not to forget, a special touch of "coffee art".

Mollydooker's opens from 8am till 8pm from Monday- Friday, and on occasional weekends. I recommend for those of u who are unemployed like me to avoid the "wee" hours and visit them between 3pm to 6pm if wanna have a more chill out session and sit around to enjoy their coffee, otherwise they are quite busy before and after these hours but hey, there's always the option of taking-away...

Btw i ended up spending two and half hours at the coffee shop...

Iced latte + Soft Cookie

Italian Sodas (flavoured with peach, strawberry and one more i cant remember) for non-coffee drinkers.

The two lefties behind Mollydooker's.

Congrats guys on the amazing coffee bar. Mak Cik, Pak Cik, datuk, nenek, and young peeps will love the place i reckon. So let's go Jolly at Molly!

Follow them on their Facebook page here.



cha said...

Arab owns this place eh aimi? coolness, must go drop by one day!

aimi razak said...

yeshhh its ur fellow perth friends' coffee shack. must go if u r around damansara height's area.