Friday, September 12, 2008

rmit brunswick campus

Today i went to the campus to seek some help with designning (or knitting) my own textile for the skin of my furniture.

i felt very welcomed by the people and i straight away fell in love with the campus.. I have been quite interested in doing a masters program on fashion and textile and i managed to have short conversation with the course coordinator. She was so lovely, it made me more eager to know more about the course. The architectural of the building is far beyond better than the rmit building in the city, but of course i assume the brunswick campus is new. And the best part? the parking is $2 for 5 hours, hihi lagi la i excited, so i can drive to school without feeling pokai to pay for the parking. I am truly excited:)


Nazneen said...

I'm currently doing Master of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT =)
I can tell you more if you want. It's my first semester.
And the campus is very lawa kan! hehe

aimi razak said...

haaaaaa besttt nyeeeeee!!! yaaa i cant waitttttttttttttt!!!!!!!! i wanna know more i wanna know more...whats ur num neen? text me on my facebook:)

Nazneen said...

I assumed you spoke to Olga or Wendy? haha. They are really nice. And the students in the course are very friendly and super nice! In my class banyak from Europe and India. Not many Asians.

i've msged you =)