Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am constantly worried about mika. I am not sure if he is okay, sometimes he looks hyper, sometimes he looks weak- he doesnt wanna eat and very watery mouth. Im not sure why.. maybe its nothing, but i hate not knowing if theres anything wrong. This sort of portrays what kind of mother i will become one day. A worried mom. haihhhh i hate having to worry all the time but it just comes naturally.

Yesterday was a day at chadstone, most stores closed at 10pm and gave 15-20% off.... i didnt get much, just bought myself brownies, a book and a simple dress.... but it was a nice trip.

HOW SHITTY IS THE NEW FACEBOOK? yea i know a lot of people have questioned this, but really, it is pretty shit kan. the old one worked just fine, i dont understand why they have to gatal gatal change it. i feel moody...geess i wonder why.


aisyah zaini said...

i hope mika`s fine !
i tak jumpa beliau lagi hehe

in vacuo said...

amy u are doing everything fine with mika..i'm sure dia ok :D