Sunday, July 3, 2011

I remember one of the Moffatt's songs "if life is too short", i never understood what the whole "life is too short" is all about. Such a cliche line. dulu, rasa mcm, mana ada life is short, macam lamanya. but as i grow older, i realised how true that is. It feels like yesterday i was 12 years old, busy with UPSR, active in Taek Wando and Gymrama. Life was so easy back then, all i have to worry is my studies, and enjoy the company of my friends. 13 years down the road, i have no idea where it went, all i know is that i did not expected the things i have been going through, especially this particular year.

When i was younger, i imagined one day, my grandparents will go. And i cant believe that, i am in that stage if my life already. I can clearly remember going to my arwah nenek's place, and minum her home made sirap pandan, and she makes the best ayam goreng in the world. Now, that is just a distanced memory. No matter how "small" that memory is, insyaAllah i will always remember it.

Lately i feel like god is testing me. I cant really say what exactly it is, but i feel like this is the first "adult" test i have ever experienced. I have always dreamt for an easy life with a lot of money, but true enough, life is too short to care too much about money. Life is too short to care about what people think about you and what status you are.

But whats more important i think is that i realised, life is too short to compare yourself to other people who might look like they are doing better than you, but really, its the good deeds that you do that is more cherish-able when life is over.

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