Monday, June 27, 2011

hi guys im back

i decided to blog again because.. hmm i just feel random.

So as many of my close friends already know, im leaving Melbourne (for good? who knows.) next week. Pretty sad, but at the same time im excited to be with my family real soon. This is what i have been doing for the last 2 weeks of my Melbourne days.

1.Work work work @ Lili.

I was informed that as of end of July, Lili Spencer and Docklands will not exist anymore. Im guessing we are not making money? I saw this shop from the start, and worked till the end of the brand's life. I must say, i did learnt a lot of the dos and donts and retail world. But to be honest, i had enough of working there. Time to move on and get a real job.

2. Spending quality time with my love ones
I will absolutely miss the people that i know, grew up, and shared experienced with in Melbourne for the past 7.5 years. woah, thats pretty long.

3. We had a small pot luck farewell last Saturday night. Good turn ups. We had meatballs, kfc halal, roast chicken, pasta, ore cake dan lain lain lagi makanan yg menggemukkan.

Thank you Ira, Shura, Shunit, Iqbal, Idzfan, Okie, Zamir, Zarif, Riz, Azlan, Reza, Nisa, Izzat, Khai, Piyan, Wanie, Hanum, Suhayl, Aina, Tanti, Mia, Hez, Hariz, Hariz's fren, Tanty, Anisha, and Dat for coming. Im blessed to know all of you people.

4. Shopping like ka-ka-ka-razy.

Okay its winter sale in Australia now, i swear winter sale memang terbaik- better than boxing day to me as a matter of fact. Bettina Liano, gorman, mimco, just a few names that has a good sale. Damages. boy imma miss the shops here.

5. Last but not least, i spent time with the 2 most important person/ thing in my life.
Mike and Uncle D,na na na. Love u to bits.

6. I just got back from the gym @ idz's place, ran for good 30 minutes, felt so malu coz the people in the gym were big muscle-ly guys, and there it was a small buncit asian girl running on the treadmill, it was rather intimidating i must say. fyi people, nike running shoes sucks, when i first used the shoe in Manchester for a jog, i had the worst pain on both feet, and other time i pakai pun still sakit, so i have made my conclusion that the shoe is good for nothing. ok bye.

7. Tengok Cerita melayu.

Guys if u have not watch Magika, please do so, its a pretty good Malay Musical Movie. "A" for effort for KRU production. And i watched "Aku tak Bodoh" last night, at first i was pretty skeptic to watch the movie, but it turned out to be an awesome movie, very good for parents especially. Sucky movies; Khurafat n Hantu Kak Limah... ahhaha i don't know why org bising sgt suruh tgk cerita tu, tak boleh terima thanks.

Anyway, im gonna try and blog more. but i always say that anyway. nite nite peeps.


natalie rose said...

hi aims! so happy that you've started blogging here again :) don't stop hmmkay! i'll see you in KL in august whoop whoop!

aimi razak said...

yes ill try to blog more!! miss u natchen!