Friday, April 3, 2009

things i wanna do while im still young

Possible things
1. learn to surf.
2. white water rafting, higher grade please.
3. scuba diving
4. learn to make clothes
5. Continue kick boxing
6. Learn Golf? (hahaha maybe not)

Impossible things:
1. performing in front of 10000 people. (not possible coz i dont have any talent.haha)
2. sky diving (don't think i will ever have the guts)
3. meet MK and Ashley (okay thats random)

I would love to in the future...
1. Charity work (RSPCA i dont mind)
2. My own store on flinders lane.
3. Join kelab2 datin (muhahahahaha okay this one memang merapu!!!)

im tagging Nat and shu for this post!


Sas Monroe said...

come to brunei!!! lol.

DiN said...

do scuba diving first, it's bloody easy!