Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it's frustrating.

what i think im doing right is apparently wrong to the other person. it is so frustrating how i am sometimes misunderstood and judged because of my old habits (perhaps my current habit too, but im trying to be a better person, i swear).

im sorry for being what i was before, but i don't deserve how u threating me this days. whatever i say or do or want to do is for the both of us, its because i care for you, but you feel that i am being selfish, and i expect u to be like how u were before. it's never like that, i just want to still be part of your life, and i understand u've grown up, i never did say i don't understand that. it is really frustrating because no matter what i'll do, u will think that i am wrong.

please don't misunderstood. i miss the old days, i dont want the exact ways, but i do want just a little piece of it.

i have my dignity. sorry, no apology from me.

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